Distance Sales Contract

Distance Sales Contract

Article 1-the parties

1.1. The supplier


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1.2. The recipient

Name – surname/TC. No.




Article 2-Thread

The subject of this agreement, belong to buyer's SUPPLIER website in electronic order (http://www.vidyome.com e-commerce features and sales fee specified below) makes a sale and delivery of the product in relation to the protection of consumers, Law No. 4077 and Distance Contracts Regulation in accordance with the provisions of the rights and obligations of the parties.

Buyer, seller's name, title, street address, telephone and other access information, subject goods for sale on the basic attributes, the selling price, including taxes, form of payment, terms of delivery and expenses related to the subject goods on sale all vs. the previous knowledge and the use of the "withdrawal" and how you can use this right, complaints and objections by forming governmental vs. clear, understandable and internet (www.vidyome.com site) we inform by the seller in accordance with This preliminary information electronically confirmed that during and after the order cost is in agreement with this Agreement acknowledge and agree.

http://www.vidyome.com site and receiver held onto the order given by the front of the Bill is an integral parts of this contract.

Article 3-contract subject Product/payment/Delivery Information

Type of product/products received in electronic form and type, quantity, make/model, price, payment terms, delivery person, delivery address, billing information, shipping costs are listed below. The same person who makes the contract with the person to be an invoice. The following information must be accurate and complete. This information is not correct or missing will be born from situations where losses to completely meet the buyer agrees. In addition, any liability that may arise out of this situation the buyer agrees.

In cases deemed necessary by the SELLER, the buyer does not overlap with the truth of the information, reserves the right to order. VENDOR order problem in cases where the range of the RECEIVER by phone, email and mail addresses customers ' or if the entry into force of the order reach 15 (fifteen) days. During this time of the BUYER with the seller on the subject is expected to contact. During this period, the BUYER does not get any answer from the SELLER, both sides cancels the order to avoid damage.

Received Product/Products

Ödeme Şekli : Kredi Kartı/Banka Havalesi (EFT) / Kapıda Ödeme/PayPal

Contact Person: To Be Delivered

Phone number:

Article 4-the date of contract and force majeure Causes

Date of contract, the date of the order by the purchaser. /.. /is history.

Not available at the time the contract was signed or unforeseen, emerging out of the control of the parties, with the emergence of one of the parties or the creation of a debt with both contract and fulfill the responsibilities in whole or in part, or bring them on time olanaksızlaştıran conditions, force majeure (Act of God, war, terrorism, insurrection, changing the legislation, seizure or strike, lock-out, production and communication facilities greatly fault etc.) will be considered. The party that took place on the other side in the person of force majeure situation shall notify immediately and in writing.

Force majeure reason read more fulfilling their parties during any of edim responsibilities will not be born. This force majeure condition persists for a period of 30 (thirty) days, each of the parties, will be born unilaterally termination.

Article 5-rights and obligations of the seller

5.1. The protection of consumers, Law No. 4077 Seller, and Distance Contracts Regulation provisions in the contract except for force majeure, acts that are loaded to itself complete accepts and undertakes to comply.

3.2. under 18 (eighteen) URwww.vidyome.com'dan cannot make purchases. Pointed out in the contract the buyer's age, the vendor is correct will be essential. However due to the age of the buyer to the seller in any way responsibility misspelling will not be installed.

5.2. are System failures is not responsible for the price mistake that occurred http://www.vidyome.com. Based on this system, as the vendor, internet site, internet site design or can be illegally intervention may arise due to promotion, price is not responsible for the errors. System error based on claim from the seller the buyer cannot be found.

3.3. https://www.vidyome.com ' from credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), can be made by bank transfer payment at the door or shopping. Order date in 3 (three) business days from the transfer without orders will be cancelled. The orders will be processed when the time is not right now given the order, your confirmation email from your credit card account or bank transfer (EFT) has reached the designated bank accounts.

Article 6-rights and obligations of the recipient

6.1. The buyer in the contract except for force majeure acts loaded complete accepts and undertakes to comply.

6.2. Buyer, you agree to the terms of employment contracts, along with giving the order count and conforming to the form of payment specified in the contract accepts and undertakes to pay to do.

6.3. The buyer, http://www.vidyome.com website of the vendor's name, title, street address, telephone and other access information, subject goods for sale on the basic attributes, the selling price, including taxes, form of payment, terms of delivery and expenses related to the subject goods on sale all vs. the previous knowledge and the use of the "withdrawal" and how you can use this right, complaints and objections by forming governmental vs. clear, understood and properly onto the internet is familiar with the preliminary information is electronically confirmed that acknowledge and agree.

6.4. pursuant to A previous Buyer, payment terms, product ordering and product usage instructions, and of the measures taken against the possible situations is www.vidyome.com of order/payment/use warning procedure is read and knowledge and information in electronic form that required confirmation.

6.5. If the buyer wishes to return the product that receives no matter what circumstances not to damage the product and packaging, return the original invoice and packing slip immediately accepts and undertakes to return.

Article 7-order/Payment Procedure


Shopping basket £ including VAT amount of the products that were added after approval by the buyer, credit card payments are processed via Virtual Pos PayU. Orders shipped to the customer before the order is being prepared and will be sent to that e-mail. Capacitance any downtime situation or credit card-related problems that may arise in the contract to the recipient indicated by phone/fax/e-mail with use of one or a few of the ways. If necessary, the buyer may be asked to a meeting with the Bank. The orders will be processed when the time is not right now given the order, your confirmation email from your credit card account or bank transfer (EFT's) the vendor accounts is specified.

Exceptionally right for some reason can not be understanding of the supply of the goods the subject of the contract and/or in the event of the buyer with the inventory problem immediately obvious and clearly in the case of equal quality to the buyer whether approval would inform and can be sent or another price goods in accordance with the will and choice of the recipient; can be sent to another new product, enter the product's inventory or other obstacles hinder delivery can be expected and/or the disappearance of the order can be cancelled.

The obligation to deliver the goods the subject of the contract are not met in the guise of the attitude is that the buyer paid by total price and if it is debts into any document not later than fourteen days was returned to him in the contract will be cancelled. In such a case the buyer from the seller any additional material and spiritual damage claim will be.


http://www.vidyome.com, the internet to recipients who do not want to use credit card information for payment in cash or money order at the door order facilities. Wire transfer payment recipients URwww.vidyome.com'un Turkey economy Bank (TEB) account. If EFT is made will be considered the date of passing the account. Wire transfer and/or EFT, while the "sender information" is the same as the billing information and the writing of the order number is required.

After delivery of the product to buyer credit card buyer's flaw in a way that does not originate from unauthorized persons from unfair or unlawful, you enter the appropriate bank or financial organization due to its use as a product in not paying the cost of the seller, as soon as the buyer's own product to send to seller within 10 days. In such cases transport expenses shall belong to buyer.

Article 8-Right of withdrawal-related product returns and Procedure

Product Returns:

After receiving the goods the buyer within fourteen days without stating reasons and without prejudice to any penalties have withdrawal from the contract.

385 numbered in accordance with the general tax code notification to the recipient of the check-in operation, together with the delivered goods to the vendor, have 2 partitions of the return at the bottom of the invoice is complete and correct way by signing a copy after filling with the product vendor or other Send copy of Fitr.

Right of withdrawal period begins from the day the goods were delivered to the recipient. The reason for sending the returned product or products back is arbitrary situations must be met by the purchaser the price. But the product vendor is involved in price of the defective product originated from status must be met by the seller.

Buyer's requests and/or explicitly prepared his personal needs for the goods right of withdrawal is not in question.

The buyer's right of withdrawal in case of dealer, use the invoice with the product that includes the termination of its reach within ten days at the latest from the total amount received and any consumer debts into any document will return without installing any costs to the consumer.

The reduction of the value of the goods or refund received is impossible to use a reason that makes the right to deter the presence of obstacles. But the value of the reduction or credit imkânsızlaşması is caused by the fault of the consumers of the goods to the vendor must indemnify the value or worth of reductions.

General refund period for each product received inadvertently is 7 days. During this time, packaging the product is damaged when opened in such a way that the extradition of the products will not be accepted. Upon return, the original packaging must be made together with the Bill with.

In any product and packaging taken inadvertently, distortion, breakage, destruction, tearing, and situations have been identified to be used in the current version of the product has been delivered to the recipient in the case of the inability to return with product returns are ignored, and the fee is not refundable.

Product for refund, should be primarily on the State of customer service. The product to be sent information is transmitted to the customer by the vendor as returned. After this meeting, containing the information about product returns with the recipient address of invoices delivery Cargo company who (IMCLONE) must be to the vendor.

In this contract, the seller reaching credit products business provides conditions specified is considered returned, if repayment is made to the credit card/customer account. The price of the product returned. Returns that are credit card credit card accounts at the Bank about the reflection period.

Shop by credit card and installment is made as to the credit card refund procedure, which will be implemented in the following way: give the demand for purchasing with set-top product is how many installments, the recipient Bank repayment in installments. Vendor to the Bank product after paying the full price of one at a time, the recipient's expenditures made from the installment Bank pos credit card rebates do not fall victim to the situation of the parties involved in the issue in the case of a claim to return amounts, as the tally again transferred by the Bank to the account holder's Party. The buyer is paid installment amounts up to the cancellation of the sale, if return date does not coincide with the dates the card with the account segment every month will be reflected in 1 (one) credit card and buyer credit is paid in installments before making the payments is paid prior to check-in after number of months and installments are existing debt will be dropped.

In the case of a refund of goods and services received with the card vendor, Bank, whether in an action of contract with the buyer cannot pay with cash. A workplace that is a member of the dealer, when it comes to the check-in process related software is going to do a refund through the merchant so please contact the relevant amount is liable to pay compensation to the Bank in cash or above in accordance with the procedure specified in the recipient details, it is not possible to pay in cash. The cost of the recipient's Bank credit card credit in a single payment in accordance with the above procedures, shall be made by the Bank.

Article 9-warranty

According to the instructions for use and cleaning products used in the manufacture of all kinds of error within the circumstances mentioned below, against the 2-year warranty: seller's guarantee liability law No. 4077 covered only applies to consumers. Commercial law, the provisions of the Turkish commercial for jobs.

Article 10-privacy

The information specified in this contract by the buyer with the aim of reporting to the vendor with information, make a payment to the supplier by 3. will not be shared with individuals.

Dealer information only within the framework of the administrative/legal imperative presence able to explain. Research licence within any forensic investigation documented vendor if holds the information requested from him to whom it may concern.

Credit card information is definitely not stored. Credit card details are only relevant during collection banks passed safely provision used to be and is deleted from the system after the provision.

Recipient email address, postal address and telephone information below applies only to the supplier by the standard product delivery and notification procedures. In some periods, campaign information, information about new products, promotional information can be sent to the recipient after the approval.

Article 11 - Disputes in the event that the competent courts and execution offices

Resulting from the application of this agreement in dispute, every year in December, the Ministry of industry and Trade, the consumer buyer's or seller's with Arbitration at the consumer courts.

In the case of the realization of the order Buyer agrees to all the terms of this agreement. …/…/…

Article 12 – declarations and evidence of Contract

The throne of this agreement any correspondence between the parties, considered mandatory in Blood, will be done via e-mail. The recipient may arise from disputes arising out of this agreement URL www.vidyome.com'un official and commercial records, holds its own database, servers, and computer records of electronic information, binding, would constitute conclusive and exclusive evidence, code of civil procedure of this article 193. the nature of the evidence within the meaning of article contract, declares and guarantees that.