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Vidyome offers unique technology and video advertising support for those who want to generate revenue from their video ads.

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Vidyome, allows you to manage your video and video ads with your customizable product


Earn money for every ad view from users. With quality contents you can start having followers. More view you get more money you can generate.


With the website monetization system, you can generate revenue by adding videos to your web pages. This is a great way to deliver premium and relevant content to your users.


Strengthen your brand by adding your logo to the bottom right corner of our video player. Your logo will be displayed either on your own web site or when viewed by a user anywhere on the web.

Keep Track Of Your Reports

With our analytic table, you can analyze both user size and income information. Learn more and find out what works best; So improve your channel and increase your profit.


Upload - Share - Make Money. Start earning with your own video ad accounts.

About Us

TE Medya is a team of young and experienced brains who want to transfer their knowledge and experience to the internet in both investment and sharing. The team continues its activities for more than 10 years and is always pleased with its customers and meeting their demands. Apart from these, the most important thing is to maintain a post-sale support and to move to a different position from other companies.

+300M Impresion
300M ad impresion per month.
+1000 Website
More than 1000 active publishers
+120M Traffic
More than 120M monthly unique visitors.
+11 Special Project
11 different projects developed in line with our clients' request

Vidyome is always trying to keep up with the digital age by following the innovations in technology ...

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